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Roofing the right way

Weathertight Roofing LLC in a GAF Preferred Contractor that installs your shingles to last!  We care about your property and strive to properly satisfy each customer we work with.  If you choose Weathertight Roofing, a premium roofing system will be installed!  All existing shingles from your roof will be properly removed and disposed of into dump trailers provided by our contractors.  Your decking will be thoroughly inspected and repaired as needed.  New synthetic underlayment, ice and water shield, drip edge, gutter apron, starter strip, flashings, ventilation, dimensional shingles, and matching hip and ridge cap shingles will be properly installed to cover the entire existing roof area.  We leave each of our customers with a very long term, damage resistant, weather tight roof.  Please see our professional installation process below.

Arrival at your property

Unlike other roofing contractors, Weathertight Roofing LLC is proud to not set dumpsters at our client’s property’s. The day of your project our crews will arrive with a dump trailer to haul away the roofing debris and will be removed at the end of the day when the crew leaves the jobsite. The use of a dump trailer eliminates damage to our client’s driveways and does not cause an inconvenience for days before or after the completion of your roof as a dumpster does. When we arrive, we will confirm where we will be able to place the dump trailer as close to the home as possible. There will be a Weathertight Roofing LLC project manager at your property during the installation of your new roof.

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Protection of your property

It is one of our main goals to protect your windows, siding, landscaping, garage doors, and the other features of your home. We will advise you to bring potted plants inside, move lawn furniture and park your cars in the street during the project to keep them safe. Our roofing crew will also take precautionary measures to protect your property that could be damaged by falling debris.

Removal of your existing roof

Weathertight Roofing LLC will remove all your existing shingles so the roof decking beneath them can thoroughly be inspected. Our crews will carefully remove everything that’s damaged to allow for your new roof to be installed on a solid surface that will last the lifetime of your new roof. Our Crews will use techniques to make sure that as
much of the roofing debris as possible is not placed on the ground but rather in our dump trailer throughout the process.

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Thorough inspection of decking

To install your new roof, Weathertight Roofing LLC needs to ensure that the decking is solid and in good shape. We’ll inspect every inch of it to look for soft, rotted or wet wood, and if we find any, we’ll replace it. Your Project Manager will review with you the added cost of decking replacement prior to the shingling of your project.

Preparation for the new roof

Once the decking has been addressed, Weathertight Roofing LLC will review your roofs ventilations system and add additional vents or ridge vent as required by code in your area. This will allow your home and attic to ventilate properly and extend the life of your roof.  We’ll install all roofing accessories as required by code in your area to protect your home and family. This will include drip edge, gutter apron, ice and water shield on all gutter eaves, in valleys, and along flashinigs, synthetic felt, starter strip on all exterior edges, and metal flashing where it is required. Our crews also have all required equipment to properly make and install all new flashing as required. 

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Installation of new roofing materials

Weathertight Roofing takes pride in installing nothing less of a premium roofing system. Our crew will install your new roofing materials based on the manufactures installations instructions and code. Whether you’ve chosen shingles or another product, this is the part of roof installation that you’ll like the most. Weathertight Roofing crews work from the bottom up and create a whole new look for your property. 

Clean Up

Weathertight Roofing crews will pick up the mess and take pride in our thorough clean up.  We will remove all the roofing debris and stray nails. We will use a blower to make sure that your new roof and gutters are clean and free of any debris. Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and our crews will perfectly clean every job site. 
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Final Inspection

Once your roofs completed, your Weathertight Roofing LLC Project Manager will perform a post-installation inspection the same day or a few days later. We’ll go back over your roof and make sure it’s done properly, and we’ll be there to answer your questions and explain your new roof’s features along the way.